Create your own wordbook and start learning and reviewing words with azVocab.

Step 1: Add words to your personal wordbook on azVocab

Option 1: Search for words in azVocab’s dictionary

Click on the “Search for a word” box or the magnifying glass icon.

Enter the word you want to search for, select the appropriate meaning, then click “+ Wordbook“.

After that, click the “x” mark in the top right corner to close the “Search for a word” box.

Now you can see the new word added to your wordbook. Similarly, you can search for any new word and select the suitable meaning to add to your wordbook.

Note: Add words that are not available in the dictionary

If the word you search for is not in the dictionary, click “+ Wordbook” to add it to your wordbook.

Enter all the necessary information about the word in the fields provided. The Vietnamese meaning and Image fields are optional. Then click “Save“.

Now you can see the new word added to your wordbook.

Option 2: Add words from available Collections on azVocab

Select “Explore“.

In this tab, you will find available collections of words based on books, textbooks, or international exams. When you click on a collection, you will see various vocab sets provided.

Hover over a word in a section and click “+ Wordbook” to add it to your wordbook. (If you’re using a phone, simply tap on the word).

You can view flashcards for the words in a section, or learn the words in a section by clicking on the corresponding icons.

Step 2: Start learning with azVocab

Select “Learn”.

Click “Start Learning”.

The system will generate 10 questions of different types in each learning session. If you answer incorrectly, the system will automatically generate more questions for you to review and memorize the words you got wrong at that moment.

After finishing the session, the system will provide you with the learning results.
You can choose the time to review the words you just learned by clicking the arrow button and selecting the time you want to review.
If you want to continue learning, select “Continue”. If you want to go back to the Learn tab, click “Not now”.

This is the user guide of azVocab website. We hope that through exploring and utilizing the features and functions of azVocab, you will have a wonderful learning and working experience!