I. Purpose of Application

This privacy policy explains how (“azVocab”, “We”, or “Us”) collects, synthesizes, stores, protects, and uses personal information that you (“you”, or “your”, or “Users”) provide on the website. This privacy policy was last updated on July 26th, 2023.

By accessing and using azVocab, Users are deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to comply with this Policy, including any modified or supplementary versions of the Policy.

II. Specific Provisions

1. Purpose of Collection

  • When Users interact and/or register an account on azVocab, Users must provide certain information necessary for the interaction and/or account registration process.
  • Users are responsible for ensuring that the information provided is complete and accurate and keeping the information up to date to ensure its completeness and accuracy. azVocab is not responsible for resolving any disputes arising from inaccurate, outdated, or falsified information provided by Users. If Users provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not updated, or incomplete, or if azVocab has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not updated, or incomplete, azVocab has the right to suspend or terminate Users’ account and refuse any current or future service use (or any part thereof).
  • We collect, store, and process Users’ information for transaction processing, future notifications, or other services. We do not limit the types of personal information collected, including name, gender, date of birth, email, address, phone number, etc.
  • We will use the information you provide to process orders, provide services and requested information through the website, and comply with your requests. Furthermore, we will use this information to manage your account; verify and perform online transactions, audit data downloads from the website; improve the layout and content of the website and customize it to fit Users’ needs; identify visitors to the website, send information including accommodation and services unless you indicate otherwise. If you do not wish to receive any marketing information from us, you can opt out at any time.

2. Scope of Information Usage

  • Customer information will only be used in the management and operation activities of the website, as well as provided to affiliates of the company.
    • Providing services/utilities to Users based on your needs and habits when accessing azVocab;
    • Sending notifications, exchanging information between Users and azVocab or vice versa;
    • Detecting and preventing fraudulent activities, compromising Users’ accounts, or impersonating Users’ identities on azVocab;
    • Contacting, supporting Users, and resolving Users’ problems in special cases.
    • We may also use your information to notify you of other products or services available on azVocab or affiliated companies.
    • In addition, we may contact customers for feedback, opinions, and views on current or potential new products and services.
  • Customer personal information may be shared with other companies, but only if necessary to meet customer requirements or for related purposes.

3. Information Retention Period

Our company has server systems capable of storing customer information for a minimum of 03 years and a maximum of 10 years. During operations, the company may increase the data storage capacity as needed.

4. Entities with Potential Access to Information

  • All Users’ Information, as well as information exchanged between Users and azVocab, are stored and secured by the azVocab system.
  • azVocab has appropriate technical and security measures to prevent unauthorized access and use of Users’ information. When collecting data, azVocab stores and secures Users’ information on server systems, and Users’ information is ensured to be safe by firewall systems, access control measures, and data encryption.
  • azVocab does not allow third parties to monitor or collect Users’ information on azVocab’s component websites.
  • Users will have an account and password corresponding to that account after completing the account registration process on azVocab. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password and account and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under their password or account. Users agree to (a) notify azVocab immediately of any unauthorized use of Users’ password or account or any other security breach, and (b) ensure that Users log out of their account at the end of each session. azVocab cannot and will not be liable for any unauthorized access to Users’ accounts or data arising from Users’ actions or omissions.
  • Users are absolutely prohibited from using tools, or programs to unlawfully interfere with azVocab’s system or alter the data structure of azVocab, as well as any other behavior to disseminate, encourage activities with the purpose of interfering, disrupting, or intruding into the data of azVocab’s system, as well as behaviors prohibited by Vietnamese law. In case we detect that you have deliberately impersonated, cheated, or disseminated unauthorized information, we have the right to transfer your Personal Information to competent authorities for processing according to the provisions of the law.

5. The Address of the Information Collection and Management Entity

  • CTH Software Joint Stock Company
  • Address: No. 16, Alley 12, Khuat Duy Tien Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi City
  • Email:
  • For inquiries regarding the collection and processing of user-related information activities, users can contact: 0888 600 284

6. Means and Tools for Users to Access and Edit Personal Data

  • Users can directly access and edit personal data through the website by logging into their registered accounts and modifying their personal information, and data.
  • Login can be performed on a computer, phone, or other devices with access to the website.

7. Linking to Other Websites

  • Users are responsible for protecting their account information and not providing any information related to their accounts and passwords on azVocab on other websites except when logging into the official website of azVocab at
  • azVocab is not responsible for any issues arising when Users access azVocab from websites other than the official website of azVocab.

8. Sharing Users’ Information

  • azVocab does not provide Users’ information to any third party except when required by competent state agencies, as required by law, or when providing information necessary for azVocab to provide services/utilities to Users (e.g., providing necessary shipping information to partner shipping units, etc.).
  • In addition to the above cases, azVocab will provide specific notice to Users when it needs to disclose Users’ information to a third party. In this case, azVocab commits to disclose Users’ information only with Users’ consent.
  • azVocab may share Users’ information for the following purposes:
    • Market research and analysis reports: azVocab may use Users’ information to conduct market research, synthesize, and analyze general information about Users (e.g., average age, geographic location), detailed information will be hidden and only used for statistical purposes. In the event that azVocab conducts a survey requiring Users’ participation, any answers to surveys or opinions provided by Users will not be transferred to any third party.
    • Exchange of Users’ information with azVocab’s affiliated partners: azVocab may share Users’ information with affiliated partners and linked electronic information pages within the country and internationally. This sharing allows azVocab to provide Users with information about products and services related to goods, services, and other issues that may be of interest to them. In the case of azVocab’s affiliates being granted access to Users’ information, they will have to strictly comply with the regulations described in this Policy.
    • Exchange of Users’ information with third-party partners, and agents of azVocab: azVocab may transfer Users’ information to agents and subcontractors to perform data analysis, marketing, and support Users and credit risk reduction. azVocab may also share Users’ information with third parties for the purpose of fraud prevention and risk reduction.
    • Exchange of Users’ information with advertising partners: User behavior tracking systems used by azVocab on advertising display channels (e.g., Users remarketing, the management system of DoubleClick advertising campaigns, reporting on demographics, Users’ preferences with Google Analytics…) may collect information such as age, gender, preferences, and the number of interactions with the number of ad displays. With the ad settings feature, Users can choose to opt out of the User behavior tracking system of Google Analytics and select the appearance of the ad display channel on Google.

9. Use of Cookies

azVocab provides cookie files or similar technologies to collect information such as browsing history, Users’ choices when accessing and using azVocab’s features, etc. to make the user experience more convenient.

10. Mechanism of Receipt and Resolution of Complaints Related to Users’ Information

If you discover that your personal information is misused or used beyond the purpose or scope mentioned above, or if you have any questions about the data collection and processing activities related to your personal information, please send an email to: or call 0888-600-284 to lodge a complaint and provide relevant evidence to azVocab. azVocab commits to respond immediately or no later than 48 working hours from the time of receiving the complaint.