Delivery Method

Geographical Limit: None

After successful payment, no later than 1 working hour, customers will receive an email notification with the activated subscription, login credentials (if the customer hasn’t registered an account previously), and usage instructions.

Customers can log in to as soon as they receive the email notification that the subscription has been activated to enjoy the features of the subscription.

Subscription Exchange Policy

To provide flexibility for our users, azVocab supports our users by accepting package exchanges after purchasing a specific package. You can exchange your package according to your preferences within 7 days from the activation date of the purchased package:

  • azVocab will exchange your package with an equivalent-priced package.
  • For a higher-priced package, please transfer the additional amount. Once we receive the payment, azVocab will proceed with the exchange for you.
  • Please note that if you wish to exchange for a lower-priced package, azVocab will still proceed with the exchange, but you will not be refunded for the price difference.

To proceed with the exchange, please contact azVocab’s advisors. We will process the subscription exchange within 4 working hours from the time we receive your request (for exchanges of equivalent prices) or after receiving the additional payment (for exchanges to higher-priced subscriptions).

Refund Policy

azVocab has a free trial policy, allowing you to fully explore the program’s features before purchasing. Therefore, we DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS after a purchase is made. Please take your time to thoroughly trial and carefully consider before making a purchase.