Immediately after purchasing a package, azVocab will send you payment instructions (both on-screen and via email) with detailed information for your payment. Please also check your Spam folder. If you don’t receive the email, you can contact azVocab directly via hotline/Zalo at 0888-600-284 or email at

Payment Methods on azVocab

Bank transfer

Bank transfer is the default payment method for orders placed on azVocab. After successfully placing an order, the system will provide you with detailed instructions (via text and QR code) on the amount and transaction remark for you to make the transfer.

Beneficiary Account:

Cong ty Co phan Phan mem CTH (CTH Software Joint Stock Company)
Account number: 1064808888, Joint Stock Commercial Bank For Foreign Trade Of Viet Nam (VCB)


  • When making the bank transfer, ensure that you include the correct transaction remark as instructed to automatically activate your account (usually within 5 minutes after the transfer).
  • If, after 30 minutes from the transfer, your account is still not automatically activated, it’s likely that the transaction remark was not entered correctly. In that case, please contact azVocab (via hotline/Zalo at 0888-600-284 or email at to provide a photo of the successful transaction and we will immediately activate your account.