FAQ – frequently asked questions

Questions regarding purchasing packages and payment

1. Can I exchange the subscription I purchased for another one?


azVocab supports exchanging the package according to your preference within 07 days from the activation of the package you purchased:

  • The package you want to exchange should have the same price as the one you purchased.
  • If the package you want to exchange has a higher price, please transfer the additional amount. Once we receive the payment, azVocab will proceed with the exchange of the package for you.
  • Note: If you want to exchange for a lower-priced package, you will not be refunded the price difference.

azVocab has a free trial policy, allowing you to fully explore the program’s features before purchasing. Therefore, we DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS after a purchase is made. Please take your time to thoroughly trial and carefully consider before making a purchase.

2. I have learned all the vocabulary in the package, will azVocab continue to update new vocabulary?


The vocabulary lists on azVocab are compiled based on books, textbooks, or international exams. Therefore, each vocabulary list will be provided and updated as closely as possible to the corresponding books, textbooks, or international exams. Besides, you can add your own vocabulary to your wordbook that is not included in the pre-compiled vocabulary lists. So please take advantage of this feature to learn all the vocabulary you want.

3. Are there any differences in content between packages with different durations (6 months, 1 year)?


These packages only differ in the duration of use; otherwise, their features are the same. Therefore, if you purchase a longer-term package, you will save costs.

4. If I only purchase a package for a specific book, textbook, or exam, can I view and learn vocabulary from other packages?


The feature of unlimited viewing of vocabulary lists will be activated when you purchase a 6-month or 1-year package. However, with packages specifically designated by azVocab in the Pricing section, you can only view and learn vocabulary from those packages when you purchase them separately. Please carefully review the rules and features of each package displayed in the Pricing section.

5. What payment methods does azVocab support? How long does it take to activate my account after payment?


Please refer to the Payment Instructions section.

Questions related to technical support

1. I forgot my password and cannot log in to my account.


If you do not have an account on azVocab but have purchased a package, your account and a link to create a password for your account will be sent to you through email. Please access the link and set a password for your account, then log in as usual.
In case you forget the password on azVocab, on the Login page, select “Forgot Password,” and the system will automatically email you.

2. I added words/phrases to my wordbook, but the system does not accept the examples I entered.


For cases where the system does not recognize words/phrases in examples, please check if there are any spelling errors in your example. If there are no spelling errors and the system still does not accept your examples (e.g., the word “hippopotamus” in the picture is in plural form, written differently from the singular form), please take a screenshot and send it to azVocab’s Customer service Department (via hotline/zalo: 0888-600-284 or email: azvocab@cth.edu.vn) for assistance.

3. How is the scoring on the leaderboard calculated?


azVocab has a leaderboard that allows users to see their study achievements compared to other users. The leaderboard is calculated based on the user’s improvement point.

The improvement point, for a given period, is calculated as the total percentage increase in proficiency of all words learned during that period, rounded to the nearest tenth. For example:

Improvement point

If the chart represents a month, the improvement point will be the total improvement point for the days in that month, and similarly for values like this quarter, this year, the last 7 days, the last 30 days, etc.

4. Why don’t my results get saved in my Wordbook when I study Vocab sets in the Explore section?


Studying Vocab sets in the Explore section DOES NOT affect your personal wordbook, and the study results are NOT recorded in your word-learning progress. Studying Vocab sets only helps you identify the words you haven’t learned or remembered so that you can choose to add them to your personal wordbook. Therefore, if you want to study words in Vocab sets and track your word learning progress, you MUST add the Vocab sets to your personal wordbook first, and then go back to the Review section to study the words.

To learn how to add Vocab sets to your personal wordbook, please see here.