Dashboard – Vocabulary Learning Progress Report on azVocab

In the journey of learning English, tracking and assessing vocabulary learning progress is an essential part of ensuring that you are making progress and achieving your goals. azVocab, with its Dashboard feature, helps users manage and monitor their development in the vocabulary learning process.

  • View the learning progress report
  • Motivate users
  • Track personal wordbook

Users will see their Dashboard on azVocab as soon as they log in to the website. Let’s explore the details of this newly introduced feature on azVocab.

View the learning progress report

Your entire process of learning and reviewing words in your personal wordbook will be summarized and analyzed through a chart. Here, you will find out how many words you’ve added to your wordbook, how much time you’ve spent reviewing, how many words you’ve learned, and how much progress you’ve made, corresponding to the colors of the columns and lines in the chart below. When you hover your mouse over each green point on the points line, you will see this information displayed in a black box.

The chart will aggregate details of each study session in a day, including how long it lasted, how many words you learned, and how many points you earned. These points are calculated based on the percentage of your word proficiency. For example, in a learning session where you learned 10 words, each with a proficiency level of 50%, you would earn 5 points; if you study until all the words are at 100%, you would earn 10 points.

Progress chart

The improvement points are calculated over a period by summing up the percentage increase in proficiency for all the words you’ve learned during that time, rounded to the nearest tenth. For example:

Improvement point

If the chart represents a month, the improvement points will be the total improvement points of the days within that month, and similarly for values like this quarter, this year, or the last 7 days, the last 30 days.

You can view these time intervals by clicking the filter button in the top right corner of the chart.

Filter time

Motivate users

In addition to providing users with reports on their vocabulary learning progress, azVocab also introduces features like day streaks and leaderboard.

The Day Streak reflects the number of consecutive days a user has been studying on azVocab. A user’s streak is counted if they complete at least one learning session on that day. If a user misses a day of learning, the streak resets to zero. Therefore, to maintain your streak, make sure to learn on azVocab every day!

Day streak

Additionally, azVocab includes a leaderboard that allows users to see how their learning achievements compare to others. Rankings are calculated based on a user’s improvement points.


Tracking your personal wordbook

Users can view the percentage of proficiency for words in their wordbook in the My wordbook section. The percentage and number of words are displayed in a horizontal bar chart, providing users with an overview of the words in their wordbook.

Furthermore, users can see how many words in their wordbook belong to the CEFR framework and the percentage breakdown by proficiency level.

My wordbook

With the Dashboard feature on azVocab, tracking your vocabulary learning progress becomes easier and more efficient than ever. We hope this is a valuable tool in your learning journey and motivates you to study diligently!