Culture & Society Vocabulary Builder for IELTS Band 5.5-6.5

Culture and Society are topics that require specific vocabulary to effectively address in the IELTS exam, especially for candidates targeting a band score of 5.5-6.5. azVocab has compiled a list of nearly 50 key words related to “Culture and Society” tailored for the IELTS exam. These vocabulary words are relevant across all four sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. azVocab has carefully selected examples of culture and society-related vocabulary to help aspiring IELTS band 5.5-6.5 scorers. This method will aid you in understanding how to use these words in context, improving your vocabulary acquisition.

The following set will illustrate the IELTS vocabulary from the topic of “Culture and Society“.

IELTS Vocabulary for band 5.5-6.5 of Topic Culture

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IELTS Vocabulary for band 5.5-6.5 of Topic Society


We genuinely hope this guide equips you with the essential vocabulary to confidently discuss culture and society on the IELTS exam and achieve your target band score.

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